Apple II Enthusiasts Facebook group with more that 2000 members
  Apple2Infinitum Slack group where the in-crowd gathers
  comp.sys.apple2 The big Apple II trashcan
  comp.emulators.apple2 The forum for Apple II emulators
    Download Facilities
  What is the Apple IIGS? Complete your Apple IIGS game collection. An awesome website!
  Sheppyware Online Great software from Eric Shepperd, co-author of Wolfenstein GS
  Speccie’s Home Pages Ewan Wannop's page for Spectrum and SIS
  Wolfenstein 3D The page where to get that famous Apple IIGS game
  Juiced GS The premier Apple II publication!
  Shareware Solutions II Joe Kohn's famous Apple II Newsletter
  Open Apple The premier Apple II podcast!
    Homepages & More
  A2Central The fastest news of the Apple II world
  Apple Learn about programming the Apple IIgs
  Alex Lukacz The awesome 4-play joystick card
  Apple II FAQ Frequently asked questions answered A fantastic Apple II website maintained by Tony Diaz
  Bret Victor Lots of Apple IIGS shareware programs
  Brutal Deluxe The famous French programming group
  Call-A.P.P.L.E. Everything Apple and then some!
  FTA The other famous French programming group
  GS Worldview An online Magazine with Apple IIGS related stuff
  Manila Gear The fantastic 4soniq 4-Channel Sound Card
  Marinetti TCP/IP for the Apple IIGS
  ActiveGS Excellent emulator from the FTA, based on KEGS.
  GSplus GSplus is an Apple IIgs emulator. It's an open-source project based on the KEGS and GSPort emulators.
  Sweet 16 Bernie II The Rescue reprogrammed for BeOS (Mac & PC)
  KEGS Kent's Emulated GS, a very good GS emulator
(Last modified: 22.09.2018)