IIGS Demo Scene reviewed
  Full Story Ninjaforce takes a look at the Apple IIGS demoscene
    "Haben Sie Führerschein?"
  Full Story An interview with Ninjaforce on their work on Wolfenstein 3D
    Dream A Little Dream With Me!
  Full Story A small anthology of music by our musician Dreamer, each tune with a commentary by the maestro himself. Get the famous Dotland theme exclusively from here!
    Annual NFC Developer Summit 1999
  Full Story At the recent developer summit 1999, Ninjaforce members debated about the near future and life in general in order to improve their mode of work decisively.
    Megademo wins Demo Competition
  Full Story We are proud to announce that the Ninjaforce Megademo has been voted "Best Wild Demo" at the Symposium / Mekka '97, the biggest demo party in Germany.
    The Making of the Megademo
  Full Story Shortly after the release of the Ninjaforce Megademo in 1995, Doede Boomsma did an interview with us for his famous Dutch GS newsletter "Dark Castle Magazine".