April 22, 2017
Kernkompetenz released

First presented at Revision 2017, the world's biggest pure Demoscene event with visitors from more than 30 countries, Kernkompetenz was ranked 4th place in the Oldskool competition. Today, we're happy to announce a bugfixed version of the demo, which you can find here.


June 30, 2016
KABOOM! v1.03

This update supports Rev. B of Alex Lukacz' 4-play joystick card. Read the changelist. Download or Play.

Boom! April 29, 2016
KABOOM! goes fourth

More BOOM than ever before! As presented at WOzFest /// today, KABOOM v1.02 fully supports Alex Lukacz' awesome 4-play joystick card! But that's not all - turn up on your 4 speakers thanks to Jon Christopher Co and John Valdezco's upcoming 4soniq sound card! Now get your friends, grab those joysticks and blast 'em bombs all surround you!
Read the changelist. Download or Play.

  May 25, 2015
NinjaTracker released

Yes, you heard it right: NinjaTracker, our vastly modified version of the SoundSmith player is available from our web site. And yes, the source code is included. Get it here.


May 02, 2015
KABOOM! v1.01

This update fixes some bugs. Read the changelist. Download or Play.


April 11, 2015
KABOOM! released

It is done! Today, we can finally and proudly announce the release of our long-awaited game for the Apple IIGS. Read all about it here.


May 11, 2014
Old Article

Just dug up an old demo scener magazine called "Blackmarket" from Latvia. The issue from April 2001 included an article about the Apple IIGS demo scene. They took my money but somehow forgot to send me my copy.


August 18, 2013
Documentations added

The products page now includes all documentation files and readmes to read online.


August 18, 2011
Blast from the Past

Whoot! Videos of Ninjaforce Megademo, Wolfenstein, XAOH Preview and many Apple IIGS games are available online at Brian Picci's Channel. Nice work!


October 27, 2007
Dotland 2007 Soundtrack

Welcome to 2007! The world moving on, and we remember the good ol' times, with a brand new version of the Megademo's all time favourite Dotland Soundtrack. Download it at


February 26, 2005
XAOH Preview / Email turned off

Look what we found on an old hard drive image: XAOH Preview!

Please note that we have turned off our email addresses. We got hundreds of unwanted messages per day. If you want to contact us, please use the form on the contact page.


September 14, 2003 with fresh tunes

The beat goes on. From now on, you can go directly to Dreamer's music world by bookmarking To kick off, Dreamer made three new MP3 tracks available. Download now!


July 02, 2003
New Music by Dreamer

Dreamer did it again - there's a new MP3 available at his special page. Check it out!


June 16, 2003
Finally: on board new server

Almost two months of complete absence (thanks to our old provider and the apparent cyber-bureaucracy), we're now back on our new server. Other than that, there's nothing much new. Leachers go visit the products page, audiophiles are welcome here.

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