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Ninjaforce Entertainment
proudly presents

  Do you remember?

If this looks like one of the best multiplayer games of all times to you – well, it is!

Retrogaming veterans rejoice: All the excitement of a timeless classic game. Now on the Apple IIGS!

  Bombastic gameplay
  High colored graphics and super-smooth animations
  Original, multi-channel soundtrack and great sound effects
  GS Multiplayer Fun!

KABOOM! is the only action game for the Apple IIGS where up to four players can play simultaneously! So give your friends a call and prepare to be blown away...

  For 1 to 4 players simultaneously
  Multiplayer (deathmatch) and team battle mode (two on two)
  Extensive single player mode, featuring two challenges and lots of hidden extras
  Sweet Look

Not only does KABOOM! play like a charm – its visuals and acoustics are of top quality to satisfy even the most demanding GS gamer!

  Many multiplayer options: Sicknesses, Sprites, Bonus Rounds, Special Rounds, ...
  Computer controlled players
  Create your own single-player campaigns and share them with other players

That's the name of the game. That's what it's all about. It is that simple.

Create chain reactions of explosions for maximum impact and blow up the other players before they get on you!

  Requires an Apple IIGS with GS/OS, a hard disk and 2 MB RAM
  Joystick and stereo card are optional but recommended
  Accelerator card highly recommended for optimum game performance

KABOOM! Press Coverage
In order of appearance


Retro Computing Roundtable, Episode 99

» KABOOM I say! «
Carrington Vanston

  RCR Podcast

Retro Gamer, issue 143

» ...any fan of the Apple IIGS really
should have KABOOM! installed on their hard drive... «

  retro gamer

Juiced.GS Volume 20, Issue 2 (June 2015)

» Ninjaforce Entertainment set
a great challenge for themselves when converting such an intense multiplayer
game to the IIGS. «
Bill Loguidice

The Open Apple Podcast, Episode 47

» ...just an awesome, awesome port... all of the GS die-hards are squeeing in glee... « Quinn Dunki

  Open Apple Podcast
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