Ninjaforce Megademo
La Demo Ki Tue – Part III

Just about when many believed the GS demo scene had dried out completely, Ninjaforce returned with one of the biggest productions ever. The Ninjaforce Megademo was released in the beginning of 1995, being the result of two years of ongoing hacking, coding, composing and pixeling.

Interestingly enough, the Ninjaforce Megademo has become something of a benchmark for modern Apple IIGS emulators. Due to its complex, timed effects which push the GS to its physical limits it is extremely difficult to emulate. We have yet to see an emulator which runs it 100% perfect!

Doede Boomsma, editor of the Dutch Apple IIGS newsletter "Dark Castle Magazine", did an interview with us on the making of the Ninjaforce Megademo, which you can find here...




The Intro

A demo needs to impress people. Better start right at the beginning with an effect that isn't really possible: Full-screen 3D logos, with an animated star scroller in the background. Former FTA graphician Olivier Bailly-Maitre was literally dropping his jaw!

» Probably the best GS demo yet. « Ian Brumby

The Loader

Ultra-fast track loaders are cool. Track loaders with animations are even cooler!

Btw, don't forget to take a look at the disk based demo. The "big blue speaking head" was just too much fun for us to do to be ignored!

» The Megademo was a great piece of work.
You guys did a great job! «
Geoff Weiss
Main Menu

The main menu features music by Jester, a famous Amiga module musician. To play his tune, we wanted to use Brian C. Bening's Shellplay. It runs only under GS/OS, so GS/OS was emulated!
» This is one piece of software that I am going to
blow the Mac people (...) when I attend the next
meeting in the local AUG! «
Willie Yeo
The BBS Demo

Featuring three dependently (!) bouncing spheres at the top of the screen, a bouncing window with lots of BBS info, an ultra-smooth 640 pixel sine-scroller and 32k scrolltext, the BBS Demo could very well be a demo on its own!

» An excellent production! It’s got me thinking
of doing another demo... «
Brian Ballwebber


The first real dungeon the Apple IIGS was walking through.

A couple of weeks before Jesse Blue started coding the engine, id Software had claimed that the GS did not have the power for this kind of 3D animation.

Well, here we are, id!


» Great music, awesome graphics.
Cool stuff! «
David J. Roberts




Probably the most popular part of the entire demo. Precise timing to the excellent music and a perfect design make this demo unforgetable, even to PC users!

Download Dreamer's incredible Dotland tune! (Requires a MOD player for playback.)

» Just want to comment that this is one of the
demos ever for the IIGS. « Frank M. Lin

  The Credits

The part we did first was the last one! It features a 30 fps fullscreen scroller in front of a background picture. Technically difficult and so far unrivalled.