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May 9, 2001
Samurai released

Samurai is an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client for the Apple IIGS. Using TCP/IP (Marinetti), it is now possible to connect to IRC chat servers and take part in discussions. Get it here.


December 14, 2000
NFC DemoDrive available for download

For emulator users, there is now a special NFC demo hard drive image available. It combines the Revenge of the Bobs Demo, the Megademo, and the Megademo "Mekka/Symposium '97 special edition" on one easy to use bootable image file.


December 11, 2000
IIGS Demo Scene reviewed

It is Christmas time, a time when we become contemplative and think of the past. Join us while we take a special look at the Apple IIGS demoscene. And don't forget to vote for your favourite demos!


November 30, 2000
New Music by Dreamer

After a long time, Dreamer is back with a brand new tune, much more professional produced and thus available in MP3 format only. For this occasion, another classic tune is released, too. Check them out here.


May 29, 2000
Software Updates!

Hot and fresh: Asimov, our famous disk image creation program, has undergone a major overhaul and is now capable of handling all Apple II and IIGS image file formats.
Also, there have been some bugfixes on the NF Assembler, which now has its own info page.


April 2, 2000
Kaboom! Designers Diary

For the next four months, Jesse Blue will move to The Netherlands to work on his diploma thesis. This means that the progress on Kaboom pauses during that time. But don't worry, work on the graphics and the music tunes continues.


February 13, 2000

The Art & Sound of Wolfenstein 3D

In an interview done by themselves, Ninjaforce members talk about the making of the artwork and sound effects for Wolfenstein 3D. Featuring interesting behind the scenes information you won't find anywhere else on the net! Improve your knowledge here!


December 18, 1999
Dream A Little Dream With Me!

Ever wanted to listen to the famous Dotland tune on your PC or Mac? Well, the wait is over! Our musician Dreamer has made this and several other songs available for the public. Check them out here!


December 18, 1999
Demos now in 2IMG Format

The Megademo as well as the Revenge Of The Bobs demo are now also available as 2IMG disk images for use with today's GS emulators.


November 28, 1999
Now Online:

Ninjaforce has found a new home on the Internet. With a new and easy to remember domain name, more than 20 MB of webspace and a fast web server maintained by Strato AG, one of Germany's leading Internet service providers, Ninjaforce's online presence is set for the next millenium.

"It was about time!", says Jesse Blue. "Our old website had reached its limits and was beginning to show its age. A big thank you to Magir for hosting it for the past couple of years."

We hope you will enjoy surfing our new home. Don't forget to come back often, as we will have updates frequently! Please also note that our e-mail addresses have changed as well. Just have a quick look at the contact section and drop us a line!


October 31, 1999
Ninjaforce supports SETI

Ninjaforce participates at the SETI@home project, the "Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence at Home". To monitor our current progress, just click here.