NF Assembler
The fastest assembly environment for the Apple IIGS

What started out as a slow and clumsy 8-bit assembler became over the years a full-featured environment designed for quick and convenient development. Every program that we created was written with it. It consists of about 16.000 lines and was assembled with itself.


The Assembler
Assemblers need to be as fast as possible. Well, even with the slowest accelerator, Jesse's baby will go at the speed of more than 1.000 lines per second! Though it is running under ProDOS 8, you can develop GS/OS programs, CDAs, NDAs,...

The Editor
Easy to use, the editor has exactly the functions that assembly programmers need: extensive keyboard macros, special tab handling and a simple yet effective interface.


The Debugger
The only debugger that works hand in hand with an assembler. With NF Debugger, you can see what happens inside your programs during execution. Set break points, disassemble your code, check variables at run-time.