IIGS Demo Scene reviewed
Ninjaforce takes a look at the Apple IIGS demoscene


The Beam Demo by ACS/GSA

  ACS - Apple Chemical Service teamed up with the GS Alliance, or perhaps it was just a guy named Antic's who met Mister Z and got this demo.

Parlez-vous Francais??

  As mysterious as the question of what group met who and where is the demo's name. Maybe it's because of the laser thingies below the oversized logo. Or it may be that with "the Beam", Antic's learned how to program animations synchronized to the IIGS monitor beam. Or maybe they just watched too much of Star Trek.

Beam me somewhere, Scotty!


Unfortunately, the music in the demo seems to consist only of a single sample. Typical for French demos, it has a lot of French scrolltext, so have your dictionary ready! Nice little demo we came accross 1995 during our fantastic visit at Brutal Deluxe's place in France.