IIGS Demo Scene reviewed
Ninjaforce takes a look at the Apple IIGS demoscene


California Demo by GSA

  In a very modern way of keeping the impressions of a holiday trip in remembrance, the California Demo offers nice graphics and music.

  We don't get to see much of California, really, only a beach at sunset and a scrolling chessboard, but it's nice anyway.

Welcome to the Deeemo California...


Luckily for the GS Allience, the licence plate borrowed from Epyx' California Games offers just the right letters "G", "S" and "A".


Cruising past San Francisco on the chessboard of life

  This is a nice demo not because of the solid code, but the overall beautiful presentation. It is dedicated to John Brooks, the programmer of the GS version of Rastan, one of the most impressive games (technically speaking) for this machine.