IIGS Demo Scene reviewed
Ninjaforce takes a look at the Apple IIGS demoscene


Delta Demo by FTA

  This is what turned out to be, unfortunately, the last demo of the FTA.

Rotating FTA logo during boot

  The demo features for the very first time a MOD player, which allowed the playback of a song much larger than the 64k of sample Ram the GS has to offer. It is a first adaption of what later was used in Noisetracker, also by FTA. Because the player uses a lot of processor time, the intro consists only of a static image with the nice Dragonsfunk song by Amiga MOD composer Moby. Nowadays, FTA members and Moby are united at Kallisto Entertainment.

Credits screen with intro music by Moby


As with Modulae, this demo features 3D animations. Only this time, they are precalculated so we get to see a scrolltext at the bottom plus a nice starscroller. The music is also a classic Amiga tune, called "Typewriter" or "Echoing".


Advertisement for the FTA buttons

  The Delta Demo surely is one of the nicest demos for the GS simply because of the music. At this late stage of production, it shows the long time experience that the group has.