IIGS Demo Scene reviewed
Ninjaforce takes a look at the Apple IIGS demoscene


Nucleus by FTA

  Nucleus is the first demo that the "Free Tools Association" (FTA for short) wrote for the IIGS. Apple's guidelines and the architecture of the GS operating system relies on the heavy use of tools to write typical desktop based applications. However, FTA members are opposing this concept and wish to demonstrate that more impressive things can be done by not using tools. With Nucleus, they succeded in such a way that even Apple France presented the IIGS using this demo.

Intro and credits screen

  The demo places the viewer into a space ship that flies through the universe. Several 3D objects appear in the space ship's window, each consisting of sprites borrowed from the classic game Arkanoid. Everything can be customized using the keypad: the 3D-rotation and zoom settings and the number of stars.

A spatial encounter!


Including the Intro, there are four quite short music pieces in the demo, each using the same sample set, which makes listening a bit boring after a while.


  For the first real IIGS demo, Nucleus leaves a very good impression. The graphics are nice, and even the music is impressive if you keep in mind that, at the time, there where no music trackers available on the GS.