IIGS Demo Scene reviewed
Ninjaforce takes a look at the Apple IIGS demoscene


Xmas Demo by FTA/GSA

  The Xmas Demo is a real "scene" demo, in the way that is has a lot of messages to certain nice and not-so-nice people that FTA/GSA wanted to greet. It is also the first demo to have smooth animation and music while the disk is accessed.

Anyone seen Rudolf around?

  There are five official parts in this demo. "Bullwinkle: The Sequel" is the answer to the Summer 1990 demo from Bullwinkle Moose. The Split demo is technically speaking the most impressive part, since it features quite complex animation in the IIGS border. The "Starwar fractured tale" as well as the "Christmas Gifts" each show a nice effect not shown before on the GS, while the credits part features the first full-screen ultra-smooth credits scroller.

The infamous Split Demo


The nice thing about this demo is that it has a lot of parts to watch, and while there is no interactivity for fans of Nucleus or Modulae, there are some very different things to see. Three easter-eggs are not easily accessible: in the menu, enter "FAG", "SAPIN" or "KILLKILL" (in uppercase) followed by <return> to see the secret parts.


First picture from Episode X?!

  Since it is a multi-part demo, it could as well be named "Megademo", but, of course, there can only be one Megademo...