Pictures from Symposium '97  

It's Party Time!

Quite a bunch of hardware, right? Mostly PCs, but also many Amigas...

...and one Apple IIGS!

The picture is taken from where the party organizers are located.


A Typical Workplace

Many demos need to be finished during a party.

(Btw, Caffeine does a good job, too!)


Exotic Hardware

Two BeOS machines. Looking great, but unfortunately the demo the two guys are working on is not shown.



This is where the videobeamer gets its images from. Notice Jesse Blue's trusty IIGS to the right!

All demos are videotaped, except for the Megademo. A video camera in front of the GS sends the picture to the video beamer and the sound comes via Audio Animator... and sounds awful (not our fault).


Ready. Set. Go!

The Wild Demo competition is about to start -- and my camera runs out of film. Typical!


Zombie Alert

The last day, just before the competition results are announced. From left: Clue, Dreamer, Bartman, some other guys from Abyss, and Spin (far right).

After four days of no sleep, we're still smiling...


Final Victory!

Clue and Jesse Blue receive their price for winning the Wild Demo competition, while Dreamer is taking this crisp sharp photo.

The moderator is Steeler. ("Wer hat dicke Eier?")


On The Road Again

Even more tired, we're waiting at the railway station to get back home. Nice party.